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19 December 2014
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Current Account

"Bank with your credit union"

The Manchester Credit Union Current Account

Current accounts are now available to all of our members.

Our current accounts are ideal if you need a bank account that is easy to manage, and won’t hit you with huge hidden charges. It may be that you’ve been unable to open an account due to poor credit, or low income. Maybe you want to bank somewhere where you matter, not the amount in your account. If you want a current account run for the benefit of the local community, not for profit, then our account is for you.

Unlike most high street banks, we charge £1.25 a week for holding a current account. This covers the running costs of the account, and means that we don’t have to hit you with huge charges of up to £35 if you make a mistake. When we have to charge you, it is usually to cover charges passed along to us, and we tell you what all our charges are up front.

You need to be member of Manchester Credit Union to open an account. Please click here for details. If you are a new member, you must have at least £5 in your credit union savings to open the account.
If you are already a member and would like to apply for a current account, please download the application form and return it to:
Email: currentaccount@manchestercreditunion.co.uk

ClickDownload Current Account Application Form (3118.2kb)

ClickDownload Account opening guidance (105.5kb)

We don’t pay interest or on our current accounts, so if you want to save with us you should use your credit union savings instead.
Lost or stolen card? Call 0845 603 8702 immediately.
Features include:

● An ATM card or Debit card

● Telephone banking
● Access to over 30,000 free cash machines nationally
● Pay for goods on your debit card.*
● Get cashback at participating shops.*
● Use your card to withdraw money when you are abroad
● Pay rent and bills by Direct Debit and standing order
● Pay into your account or make withdrawals at Post Office branches.
● Make electronic funds transfers into other bank accounts.
● No overdraft facility–which means no overdraft charges
● Same–day transfers of funds from your credit union savings into your Current Account.

* Subject to being issued with a debit card For details of how to apply get in touch.    


Updated: 30 June 2014