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21 August 2017
Values and Principles

For People, Not Profit

MCU is a member owned financial co-operative, providing ethical and affordable financial services to a socially, culturally and economically diverse membership.

MCU also has two social goals, which are:

  • to contribute towards the alleviation of poverty within the community
  • to contribute towards the economic regeneration of the community

MCU is keen to ensure that its members, partners and stakeholders share its values and principles:

  • Members first – striving to put members’ needs at the heart of what we do.
  • Participation – to promote the concept of full participation by welcoming the views and concerns of all our members.
  • Self help – credit unions help people to help themselves by taking control of their finances.
  • Democracy – one member, one vote – regardless of how much you have in savings.
  • Equality – we treat all our members fairly and equally, regardless of who they are and where they come from.
  • Integrity – to act at all times with honesty and integrity and within legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Co-operation – credit unions work together with other credit unions to strengthen the credit union movement as a whole.
  • Community – credit unions help to improve communities and the lives of people within it.
  • Supporting the local economy – saving and borrowing with your local credit union means that money stays within the local economy and is not paid out to external shareholders.
  • Openness and Honesty – the way we do business is transparent and open, and if we make a mistake we will take responsibility for it and make improvements to ensure it does not happen again.
  • Education and training – credit unions strive to educate and develop their members, providing opportunities to improve financial capability. MCU also aims to act as a caring and responsible employer, encouraging the development and training of all our staff.

MCU will not only aspire to these principles itself, but will also promote them amongst its members, and encourage them to do likewise

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